Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is with absolute pleasure and immense joy that I welcome you to the launch of Olcote in Ceylon – Ireland’s only villa boutique hotel in Sri Lanka. The pregnancy took 2 years and now the birth is imminent! Next month –actually!

Manoj and I embarked on our incredible journey in July 2014. Together we learnt what trust really means, we learnt to hold our noses, tuck our legs under us and jump into the unknown and most importantly, to let go of expectation and marvel at the miracles. We turned the Sri Lankan building hierarchy on its head and enjoyed every minute of it. After all, here was a woman, of dubious means and blond at that,
her lackey of even more dubious origins daring to take on the architechtural world to micromanage building works which was solely in their domain– and remotely too – Unthinkable!! Please read our diary on our website which chronicles our journey every step of the way so far.

More than the concept of Olcote where the unthinkable and incredible happened has been the spiritual, emotional and soul growth that Manoj, his family and I have made.

We made a pledge right at the outset to make this a heart-based business – which means that we give back to the community, we look after our workers and conduct our affairs with integrity and honesty. We have managed to do just this as we hope we have integrated into the wonderful community of Jambureliya . Just down the road from us is a little kindergarten – Little Giants it is called where the teacher, who certainly is an earth angel as her dedication and love for these children knows no bounds – we make sure that no child is turned away for not being able to pay the fees, that they all have breakfast and a hot lunch and soon we will make sure that they will learn English too. We would like to later invite our guests to venture into this little piece of heaven to maybe teach them a nursery rhyme or read them a story. After all these children with their chocolate button eyes who have nothing materially, can teach us to feel the wonderful joy that comes from just helping another

Before I wrap up I must say a heartfelt thank you to Manoj and his family who have been so supportive to him and to me – to Renuka, Rishitha and his two gorgeous little boys. Without them, Olcote would never have been. Thank you too to Roisin, Eimear and Ruth for their professionalism, friendship and patience, thank you to the staff of House, our incredible dancers and our A Capella singers Thank you to my beautiful children who never cease to amaze me and to Johnny who has been an incredible help to day. Thank you Kim and Lara, Ali’s other mothers who mind Ali while I am cracking the whip and making waves down in Jambureliya and thank you to you all for coming here tonight to support Team Olcote. I also thank the Universe and Cathal, because with out him, I wouldn’t be standing here. Cathal. I owe you one!!

So Ladies and Gentlemen, with curiosity, courage, compassion, honesty, integrity, love and tons of patience – I give you Olcote in Ceylon – Ireland’s only villa boutique hotel in Sri Lanka.